Updated Books, Updated Plans

Hello friends!

You may have noticed that we updated three of the books in our Escalation Series: the Barbarian, the Rogue, and the Fighter. We just wanted to give you some transparency on the changes.

The Barbarian and the Rogue book both got updates to the Background section. While the Rogue updates are relatively minor, we replaced a couple of the Barbarian backgrounds with things we think you’ll find more useful. Since backgrounds are where you get some of your skills, we ultimately determined that some of the originals for Barbarian were falling flat.

You may also notice that we decided to change the cover art on both the Rogue and Fighter books. We’re pleased to have partnered with BigBann Studio for these covers and for the last few remaining books in the Escalation Series.

Which brings us to a different kind of update! After a long period of having gone dark for various reasons, we’re ramping back up to finally finish out this series. Expect to see The Escalated Sorcerer before too long, with the Paladin and Wizard books following soon after.

Thank you for bearing with us and for continuing to support us!

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